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Top Best Funny Compilation – Dobermans


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  1. Sharon Leslie says

    cutting ears and tails is abuse, should be outlawed.

  2. Debbie G says

    5:27 to 5:44 is the kind of memories you treasure when you go to heaven

  3. Michel Roerig says

    Dobermans are the best. I cry when I remember my beloved dog !!! <3

  4. neeraj pandey says

    my favorite dog is Doberman

  5. Duchess Rebekka says

    Those are some very well trained dogs. My hat off to you Sir!

  6. D G says

    very annoying background sound

  7. Tiger Gaming says

    dobies rule

  8. Lucas D.E.N.D says

    0:11 this reminds me of a horror scene movie kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  9. Sprint Rollingon says

    They dock their ears so they look more Ferocious and is a substitute for human inadequacy & weak egos, cruel & so unnecessary!!

  10. Sprint Rollingon says

    C smith compares docking ears to his wife’s boob job, Difference is the wife wants it, the dog isnt asked,

  11. CrImSoN1708 says

    Never seen the whisper trick before, that was cool.

  12. Jo Woods says

    We've had 2 docked and now 2 undocked.. UK so we don't do the ear nonsense. Much prefer to see the tails, tails say so much.

  13. Nate Patterson says

    0:44 buff Doberman

  14. Steve Mabe says

    i have a doberman…. it has floppy ears….. I LOVE IT ITS SO MAJESTIC

  15. Billy Wheaton says

    These are smart and very 'interactive" dogs. They like doing stuff with people.

  16. Anna Fagnidi says

    Lukas or Ben???😅😂😂

  17. Rylie Boag says

    My Doberman was supposed to be a guard dog from coyotes, I saw him run away from a butterfly…

  18. Rylie Boag says

    My dobie and cat get along so well my dobie lets my cat lay on his face. It is adorable to see a kitten and a Doberman snuggle.

  19. marisol luxama says


  20. Galactic Viz says

    Klipping the ears are necessary because it's less likely to get ear infections because it's easier to keep it clean and second their ears are heavier floppy that most dogs so if they shake their heads a lot it can cut the tip of their ears.

    They cut their tails or dock them because when they are in a house or building the wag their tail and since there is no protective fur around the tail if they wag it and it hits a wall or a lamp post or the corner of stairs their tails get cut and it cause health problems and back at the day they work in factories too so they would dock their tails or cut them so their tails would get injured so basically cutting their ears and cutting their tails save them a lot of pain because when they do it as a baby they can't feel it because their nerves haven't kicked in

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