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Mason is a Doberman Pinscher we have for sale at K9-1. He is fully trained in personal protection and has lived in a house with two little girls and many other dogs. He is easy to handle and naturally becomes territorial of his home property. This doberman’s ears do not stand correctly and although he is a pure bred dobie he does not have papers. Therefore he is being sold for a very discounted cost to a good home. Find out more about other available dogs by going to and clicking on “Guard Dog Sales”.

  1. Frankie Haze says

    Not that trained then /:

  2. John Davis says

    Can my dog be train to protect me? 18month pit/pointer mix female….

  3. MeliorIlle says


  4. cnote678 says

    You trained a monster, great job.

  5. K Jay says

    because that wasnt stereotypical at all.. about the comment pertaining to rap music and thugs smh 

  6. Alex says

    danny is a fat white bitch

  7. Sugo says

    He Looks amazingnis he for adoption😀

  8. Sugo says

    Or sale

  9. endocry says

    That dude is dumb as hell at the end of the video messing with that dog without his coat.  Accidents happen.

  10. Savana Word says

    Zeneca way more training

  11. bullbreedpride says

    Protection training on a flexible lead ?

  12. Andrew Benton says

    My Doberman Needs work on his off

  13. CashGamer says

    You have got to be strict with your commands

  14. MrDenselew says

    I want a black one

  15. Bella Skylar says

    I love dobermans, Mason looks like my Skylar 🙂

  16. Trigger5.56 says

    Q the thugg lmao!

  17. Chance Luttrell says

    need more of stern guy or women to out him

  18. Wendell Hunter says

    Kind of racist, but nevertheless…… Nice training!

  19. Blaq says

    real "situations"… country music is ruining the country.

  20. Phoenix Iratus says

    really good vid ! Like

  21. Jimmy Watts says

    The thing about Dobermans, is that they are very agile, versatile, athletic, and coordinated, but they are stubborn as hell in a good way.

  22. Ironcity Outfitters says

    Lol…. don't hes perfect! lol …. This is the DROID im looking for! His trainings complete hahahahaha

  23. John Johnson says

    In a real life situation, would the bad guys forearm get broken?

  24. SkrewedupVillian 21 says

    that's that rap music..stfu lol

  25. Becky Her says

    Got bit in da fake arm?!

  26. Jackson Fallows says

    I really wonna dog like this do you know of any places that have custom trained dogs for sale

  27. Kosta Kollaras says

    The dog wasn't really man focused when he got the sleeve he just was happy with that and forgot about the man.

  28. Ackercrombie says

    This video is amazing dobermans trying to kill!!

  29. Majestic Wolf Girls says

    How much money is it to have people's "pet" dogs trained for protection?
    Plz reply

  30. Jesse Ramos says


  31. Feliver Canil Feliver says


  32. Feliver Canil Feliver says

    Good boy.

  33. Feliver Canil Feliver says


  34. Kenjamaine says


  35. Bigboss Bhatti says

    Out fuck that let me eat em

  36. Terry Wallace says

    Loved the video of Mason, hope someone got a great dog with him.

  37. Kindo Evans says

    Racist Cunt

  38. Edward Elric says

    my doberman pinscher eat rocks

  39. Brendon Kelly says

    You douche bags suck at training. Don't buy from these hacks. Ever!

  40. Abigail Quezada says

    What an amazing breed of dog! The perfect GUARD DOG in my book! Well done, trainers!! I love this video! Mason is so obedient!

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