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What does a European Doberman Pinscher look like?


What does the European Doberman Pinscher look like? Here’s our 3 months Doberman Zeus and he’s adorable, brave, and an attention getter.
The European Doberman when compared to the American Doberman is the color with more of black and rust color, muscular body, chest and face.
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  1. Bruno the European Doberman says

    you can not beat the european dobie .look at this zeus he is huge omg big boned .these european dogs are nothing like american watered down dogs NO DISRESPECT I LOVE ALL DOBIES but the euro is what we all fell in love with but when we say it we are the bad guys .screw PC culture if ya get a doberman get a european 1. my bruno is european

  2. k ent shuster says

    Have a European bread Doberman 100 % but there are beautiful Dobermans in both American and European and large in both ive seen inferior breeding in both American and European buyers beware

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