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What Makes a Doberman Pinscher Unique? : Dog Care Info


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Doberman Pinschers are unique for a variety of reasons, including that they are a wonderful family pet. Find out what makes a Doberman Pinscher unique with help from a holistic pet professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Jenn Fadal
Filmmaker: Jeffrey Carter

Series Description: When it comes to owning a dog, there are always a number of really important things that you’re going to need to keep in mind. Get tips on dogs with help from a holistic pet professional in this free video series.

  1. Reddylion says


  2. Gerry Nickerson says

    I am on #5 and they are one of the best breeds. Velcro for sure and unconditional love

  3. Cristian Perez says

    My Doberman is energetic and protective

  4. Asher Goombs says

    i may be getting a Doberman what do u have to say about the breed ?

  5. Anna Gibbs says

    If you want a dog that will make you laugh and weird your neighbors out with how smart he is then dobermans are the perfect dog for you. Needy to anyone who doesn't like to be loved. 

  6. Anan Wang says

    I'm just wondering what kind of expert she is? Because it seems like the doberman was really nervous and scared when she was petting it at 0:29… Anyone else's opinions?

  7. Michele W says

    I had to buy a husky pup just to keep my dobe entertained. They are extremely needy. It isn't enough that she lays on my leg…I have to be petting her with my hand too. If I stop, she nudges me with that wet nose. They can be really moody dogs, but are super sweet.

  8. Apollo says

    My dobies Roxy and Dillinger are protective and so CUTE

  9. Cori Harvey says

    My dobie is a pure Velcro dog!! Always by my side. Sleeps right next to me, waits outside the bathroom door. Howevet she does has separation anxiety really bad. She whins whenever I go outside and freaks out when she can't find me.

  10. brandi taylor says

    All Robes around 1year old will challenge their owner for dominance. If you successfully get through this month or two, you will have the greatest companion of your life. If you fail that challenge, you will likely be a slave to your pet. It's an easy short lived challenge that you can win with brain power, not muscle. Ignore the dog, don't give them treats, turn your back on them, easy things will make them submit to get what they want. Then you will prove why you are dominant.

  11. giorga macharashvili says

    Can i have dobe in apartment ?

  12. Silver Muttt says

    Do Dobermans sometimes stretch their back like a cat? Cause my mix does :/

  13. A3 Skywarrior says

    Our Doberman protected my wife in the woods after a man with ski mask ran towards her full speed. No fear, no hesitation got between the man and her. It was all natural instinct. You must walk/run and play with them for hours each day thats the hardest part in owning them but they will protect you when the time comes in return. I think I'll get a second one once this one is fully trained. If you like to sit around the house and drink coffee and relax your not a good candidate for a Doberman. You really must like walking/outdoors and training animals to get the best out of them.

  14. Angela Mess says

    I wish I could reply on peoples comments but no do not get this breed if you live in an apartment or a city they need room to run. A little bit at least!!! I have wanted a dog so bad but have had to wait until I have my house so it accommodates my pups needs!!! A doberman needs so much attention and space that they can live comfortable and won't lash out. Please people understand that. They are such beautiful and family animals if you only let them be

  15. Peter R says

    What about floppy Dobies?

  16. Lisa D says

    I've been the caretaker/owner of many large dogs in my lifetime.  I also bred/trained horses for decades.  One day, I asked my horse vet (whose wife was a small animal vet) in his experience what breed was the best ranch dog?  His immediate answer:  "Doberman – hands down".  Years later (after my horse breeding days were long over) I decided that it was time to get a dog.  Things had changed radically since that conversation with my vet.  I was electric wheelchair bound (one hand/arm still worked)…but his words still rang out in my head.  So, I took the plunge.  I now share 36 acres with my Doberman.  She now knows hand signals and performs "service" dog tasks such as picking up things I drop and opening doors.  The only person who has ever trained/worked with her is me.  I used to be alone but no more.  My Doberman gives me everything that money can't buy.


    dober man that will turndog ve been the caretaker owen of many large dogs in my lifetime l also bred trained horses for decades one day l asked my horse vet whose wife was a small animal vet

  18. Jyrah Sorzi says

    I'm looking for a emotional support dog and I love the doberman breed. I'm a college student so my dog would need to be able to be alone or with roommates for a few hours each day but after I would love taking my dog out and walking all over campus and to the park to run and play. I would love training a smart dog like this. I also like the fact that they would be able to provide protection if needed. For my specific circumstances would the doberman breed be a good match for me?

  19. April Benjamin says

    I disagree with your advice about Doberman being low maintenance in the grooming dept, I have one and she sheds like nobody's business!!!!!
    I DO agree with your statement about them being Velcro dogs!!!!!!! the Dobie in this video is absolutely gorgeous 🙂

  20. kas an says

    Does doberman fear for big animals…?? Answer me plzz

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