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  1. dobermanparadise says

    If that's a racketball, they have been known to get stuck in a working dogs throat…Never had it happen as I use tennis balls but I saw some report one time about it….I also have an albino.

  2. WhiteDoberman says

    4 out of 4 NYC vets agree. Mine's a White Doberman. "Albino" have no pigment. Mine does. She's beige actually with white spots. P.S. She kicks racketballs asses. Train your working dogs properly and nothing detrimental will happen to them. Thanks for the post Dobie lover!

  3. WhiteDoberman says

    Why thank you. As a Dobie owner you may want to go here: whitedoberman dot org

  4. Ice Glow says

    i've never seen a white doberman.

  5. billoo4u says

    hahahah. tht was awsome. this is my 1st time lookin at the white doberman. thnx for sharin

  6. WhiteDoberman says

    "acctuall" is spelled "actual" or "actually." lol

  7. WhiteDoberman says

    No health issues. Completely over-exaggerated. The DCOA culls whites for color lines only. No logical reason.

  8. LadyJ0905 says

    wow! a white one? guess its not that common! very beautiful though… i have a regular black/tan one and he normally throws the ball back to me with his head or if he is playing alone he tryes to bang it as hard as possible against the floor so that it will bounce more.

  9. ntala says

    at 1:07 shes like staring at you in shame as if saying "you call that a kick" haha. cute vid. i wish my dog would do that.

  10. wero se mental says


  11. Keith Fulkerson says

    Never seen a white Doberman, but it looks really cool. They're great dogs.

  12. Roger Graves Sr. says

    Great Dobe. He's magnificent too! How old is he, and are white Dobes albino?

  13. rltriplett says

    She is a very smart and beautiful Dobe. As you know we have a fawn. Its terrible the way some "REAL" Dobe enthusiast judge any color other than red or black its as if they are second class or a minority???? Hopefully Videos like this will educate the public. Thanks.

  14. WeAreBullets says

    wow, shes very smart. so cute too. i love the pink nose in the camera at the end. this was great.

  15. nikigurl08 says

    I like both black and the white colors, but I like the white one more because their more unique. But because the AKC is like that, the white one are more rare and I'm havin a hard time finding a white doberman breeder.

  16. gmidkiff says

    That's one smart dog!

  17. mslvrfx says

    You have done a wonderful job of training him. And he is beautiful.

  18. HighPerformanceGym says

    awesome vid. Ahh the games we play with the dobes.. lol!

  19. Spamalope Lope says

    hehe, cute!

  20. 1911gnr says

    It's like he's saying "No, YOU play fetch"

  21. Bob Sally says

    very nice doberman you have in there

  22. KIBAfang90 says

    Ive been taught that white dobermans always have health problems, that they are created by a defective gene. Your video proves that they operate perfectly fine. You have a great dog. My Liberty says hi.

  23. Amanda Cortes says

    nyaw ^_^ puppy looks like she's having fun. My dobie just chews up those types of balls until they bust.

  24. Koren Spiro says

    Is it possible they are at higher risk to be deaf?

    Killing pups is evil unless they are born with a life threatening illness or are badly mutated to a point life would be constant suffering. Unless it's like the lethal white case in painted horses, deafness aside and all, I bet someone would love to have that pup. A dobie is my childhood dream dog so I'd hope sincerely people think about what treasure they hold before taking it away.

  25. Jennifer B says

    I just love this dog!

  26. McDaddypump OG says

    can it be in the sun for long periods of time or is it like albino

  27. Regina Ripley says

    beautiful dog!!

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