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  1. Mik SAN says

    Gorgeous dog man.

  2. Luci Miller says

    What a beautiful pup. I really like that you've left the ears and tail alone. Docked/cropped or not, Dobies are the BEST poochies! I love their ears though.

  3. R Dele says

    Oh.. thanks… I love it…

  4. demian1950 says


  5. Tomasz Q says

    super – long tail and ears are great !!! Dogs don't hurt!!!

  6. Murnau Schulz says


  7. nuggets2go says


  8. Yolanda Blanco says

    ohhhhhhhhh preciosoooooooooo

  9. huddyexcf says

    i get my new pup in 8 days

    nice dog

  10. huddyexcf says

    any one know the name of the song

  11. autothing says

    Cool video! Our Dobe had a cut tail already, but we kept the ears natural to avoid future trouble too (stuff getting inside like water and just overall dust, lol).

  12. jojjen13 says

    Vilken fin dobermann, kommer nog också växa sig till en stor fin doberman snart (om han redan inte är det). Bra bildspel.

  13. Praveen R says

    i hate it hw they keep sleeping at tht age!

    cute dog!

  14. arnabc2003 says

    had a dobermann myself… he passed a little more than a year ago, which explains why i'm here. i feel so glad to have had him by my side as a kid. wonderful memories! thanks for the vid.

  15. picinela says

    beautiful song!!!
    beautiful dog!!!!
    beautiful family!!!

  16. rosso197 says

    Lovely dogs, people expect them to be vicious which i cant stand, my dobermann is one of the most affectionate dogs you could possibly ask for. and urs looks like she acts like mine 🙂

  17. tyra20007 says

    Love the montage of photos – just beautiful!

    A very handsome Dobermann..
    I have a Dobergirl!

    Love the puppy, the dog & Dobermanns!

    Please check out my puppy videos of my girl
    who is now 20months and the love of my life!!
    We would love to have you as a subsciber as
    we are about to get another puppy and that
    will mean even more Doberpuppy videos 🙂

  18. DobermansRock says

    Damn my bad. Well lets bring this forgoten breed back responsibly. Nothing beats a Doberman as mans best friend. Hell they are hound dogs for the most part. With lots of pointer in them. Great breed. I have accosiated with over 20 breeds in my life, and they stand on top…………

  19. Charles Steele says

    He is a beautiful dog.

  20. Alicja B says

    Really cute dog! 🙂
    You're great team! Congratulations! 🙂

  21. Sarah Morris says

    I have never had a dobie but I know a good one when i see one and you've got one. By, the way, have you ever had other dogs??

  22. Gemma Chaplin says

    Aww that is a really cute video, the song goes really well, what is the name of the song?


  23. moretta84x says

    Ke bello,ke tenerezza complimenti

  24. Eleonora Rönström says

    Oh Sweet<3

  25. Eleonora Rönström says

    Oh so Sweet.<3

  26. rose1957usa says

    This is sooo BEAUTIFUL!
    Thank You for sharing:)

  27. Mark Burnham says

    Can you say where you got your nice dog? In Sweden?

  28. Graham White says

    Great vid my dobe pup is 14 weeks old and loving every minute 🙂

  29. Anna Bruielly says

    i love this video!!! melts my heart!

  30. Graham White says

    love the vid it reminds me of when i picked up Alfie he is 6 moths old now he is such a great dobe! the music goes well with the vid 🙂

  31. Akaliko says

    A loyal friend for life… how lucky you should feel.

  32. AmaruAgent says

    you will not regret to buy a doberman! one..if not…THE best dog to have as a pet!

  33. bladeimm says

    You are one of the luckiest people in the world to be able to share your life with such a beautiful dog.

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